Benefits of Car Black Boxes

Just like “black boxes” help determine the cause of an airplane accident, car black boxes help determine what has caused a car accident and the events that led to collision. They are particularly valuable when no witnesses are present at the scene of the accident and when each driver has his/her own version of the events. The benefits of car black boxes for reconstruction of the events before accident are also emphasized by accident investigators, the police and increasing number of insurance companies which now have a powerful tool to determine whether the claim is justified or not. So why would you want to install a device that can enable the insurance company to reject your claim? Well, the benefits of a car black box outweigh the drawbacks in virtually all aspects.

Traffic Jam

The car black box can get you into jail if you are a reckless driver but it can also save you from it. For example, an accident on an remote area without any witnesses present may be very difficult to reconstruct and it is possible to be put on trial even if you did not cause the accident. With a car black box, that cannot happen. Why? Because the small device that is installed in your vehicle under the seat, behind the dashboard or even better on the windshield records several key actions you have made before the collision including the speed of your engine, accelerating, braking, turning, etc. which typically reveals enough information to charge you for causing an accident or help you prove your innocence. Also, with a car black box that includes a camera there will be no longer your word against the police officer’s, while your insurance claims will be approved a lot faster.

Insurance companies have shown a great interest in widespread use of car black boxes because the data obtained from the device reveal a great deal about the drivers. In fact, some insurance companies have even offered a discount for drivers who have installed a car black box because it enables them to evaluate which drivers that are less likely to get involved into an accident and lower their premiums, while increasing the rates to “risky” drivers. This also means that the device can help you save money for your car insurance if you drive safely.

Car Accident

In addition to insurance companies and car accident investigators, car black boxes are also very useful for car rentals because any disputes about car damage can be easily resolved by reviewing the data from the device. These are typically stored on a secure digital (DS) card, while all accidents are stored automatically. However, this is good news for the customers as well because they will no longer be charged for car damage they have not done.

Car black boxes are also ideal solution for young drivers below the age of 25 who are at increased risk of getting involved into an accident. Studies have shown that young drivers are involved in about 40% of all accidents. With a car black box, parents can easily monitor their child’s driving style and habits over the computer. They will no longer have to worry whether their child is driving carefully or not, or teach their children drive safely before the worst happens.